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forgotten time hint
m (forgotten time hint)
* Hi, it's me again. Usually, your fellow bureacrat [[:User:Pablo|Pablo]] has been [[Sipeciås:Journal/makebot|doing that]], but he seems to be on hollidays or something, at least not active here at the moment. Please would you read [[:Wikipedia:Inte_di_nozôtes#Purbo_T]], and grant a bot flag for [[:User:Purbo T|Purbo T]] via [[Special:Makebot/Purbo_T|special:makebot]]?
: While you are at it, please see also the older request [[:Wikipedia:Inte_di_nozôtes#Request_bot_flag_for_Alexbot]] — for [[:User:Alexbot|Alexbot]] — and grant him a bot flag via [[Special:Makebot/Alexbot|special:makebot]]?
: There is also a new bot flag request at [[:Wikipedia:Inte_di_nozôtes#Idioma-bot]] — for [[:User:Idioma-bot|Idioma-bot]] — to be granted via [[Special:Makebot/Idioma-bot|special:makebot]], when is time has come.
:Thank you. -- [[Uzeu:Purodha|Purodha Blissenbach]] 21 di måss 2008 a 14:44 (UTC)