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m (rif. pupårt)
Of the 41 biggest wikipedias this seems to be one of only two without an article on Germany. But maybe I did only not find it because of missing interwiki-links?
:''C' est plaijhant d' lére k' on est onk des ''pus grands'' wikipedias :) Po çou k' est del kesse; l' årtike [[Almagne]] n' a simplumint nén co stî fwait; i gn a waire di payis k' ont on årtike pol moumint; mins ça arivrè bén a on moumint dné. Pol moumint, li plupårtpupårt des noveas årtikes sont so l' istwere di Walonreye eyet l' literateure.''
:It's nice to read that we are one of the ''biggest'' wikipedias :) As for your question; simply the article [[Almagne]] (Germany) hasn't been written yet; there are only very few articles about countries as of now; but that will come in time. Currently, most of the new articles are abour history of Wallonia and litterature.
:There is an article about Aachen ([[Åxhe]]) and the Holy Empire ([[Sint Impire]]) however :)
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