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George's pics.
(→‎2 pics taken by my sister : I took the chance)
(George's pics.)
:Hi [[Uzeu:Lucyin|Lucyin]]! I just checked and it looks good too me. It is in French. Do you think she would mind if I reply in English? --[[Uzeu:MGA73|MGA73]] ([[Uzeu copene:MGA73|copene]]) 24 di djulete 2020 a 15:18 (UTC)
:: I was bold and send her a reply in English. If it is a problem I can ask someone else to take over. I found 18 other photos where her name is mentioned so I asked her about those too. --[[Uzeu:MGA73|MGA73]] ([[Uzeu copene:MGA73|copene]]) 24 di djulete 2020 a 15:46 (UTC)
== My pics ==
The three are my pics. The book pages are a glossary from the end of a novel that I co-authored with my husband, and the glossary of words itself is my own creation. - [[Uzeu:Waelsch|Waelsch]] ([[Uzeu copene:Waelsch|copene]]) 17 d' awousse 2020 a 08:51 (UTC)